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"Jeffy" is in Thielmann Family!!!

I was unable to keep up with Greg Thielmann's career but, he and the president as well as I Mary Elaine Catherine Thielmann Redlinger, have close family Ties!!! I agree with Greg on what he believed to be the problem however the weapons were there and moved to an island near or on Nicobar in Indonesia. That is what the earthquake of 2004 christmas was about---those were set off by fools who forgot there own main base of terrorism was in Indonisia! That is something common among terrorist is thier willingness to blow there own butts up while getting their target!!!

It's time we talked about some of the humorous and miraculous happenings during this time as well as being truthful about our own govermental infilitrates! The senate and Vice presidencey have theiir own agenda with a few people heading the way ever hear of Grand OLD Progrum? ask Hillary- IT WAS AND ORGANIZATION FROM wwii Germany did we realy defeat the Nazis then or did they just infiltrate and sprout up again in a new form--seems people end up with seeing docyors for just mentioning it--isn't that a form of censorship? Or Fear of discovery?

In any event I am proud of being the WI (Milwaukee) Thielmann Family

Hail to all you form IA!!!!!!