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Note: re Gathering of Eagles and Gathering of Eagles: Threat to damage the Vietnam Veterans Wall

Deleted material can still be accessed/checked via "history" link above.


One thing that doesn't make sense to me is how Firebase Network became a supporter of GoE. The reason that this confuses me is because Jere Beery is their founder, and he has had on ongoing disagreement with POW Network, with which Gary and Ted are associated. However, Firebasenetwork is associated with Alex Jones' "Genesis Communications Network", which presents a mix of 9/11-neoconservative conspiracy theory and Christian fundamentalist end times theology. That doesn't seem like a likely match for the strongly pro-Republican organisers of GoE. Clearly I'm missing something, and I'm reluctant to post until it's cleared up.

Another questionable connection is the 910 Group ... where do they fit in? Jack Kelly connects to whom? Artificial Intelligence 01:42, 24 March 2007 (EDT)

Rolling Thunder

One blog poster pointed out that Operation Rolling Thunder "was the carpet bombing campaign that killed over 1000 Vietnamese civilians a week. ... Naming your motorcycle club after industrialized mass murder says all I have to know about you. The German equivalent would be the 'Final Solution Motorcycle Club'." [1]


Curious message posted July 31, 2006, in comments section (Free Republic) by 'Thunder90':

Article: S. Lynne Walker, "Lopez Obrador's Supporters Occupy Capital of Mexico (City Center Shut Down - Vow to Force Recount," San Diego Tribune.
'Thunder90' message to article poster 'StJacques': "AMLO is a threat to the US. If he tries anything to take power, kill him. ... We don't need a Chavez on our southern border."