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Why is it that before something insignificant can be voted upon there has to be a committee to study the proposal. Then it takes year and many dollars to come to the conclusion that their findings are not important anymore? When did simple and easy go out of style and why are we running around the world sticking our long noses in other peoples business when we can not even solve the problem in America? Why not clean our own house before we start cleaning other people's houses that do not want us to? If no one has any idea of how to improve America's problems what gives us the right to interfere in places that never asked for us in the first place. The United States of America was not intended to be a democracy; it was intended to be a republic where the people elect representatives to speak for them. Democracy-a system of government based on the principle of majority decision-making. Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature has made them. So I guess we have evolved into a democracy. On items like war, ceilings on the budget, close political races, the rights of the people. All should be put to a national vote after all the American people are the one hurt by these decisions and their representatives are not guided by the peoples choice but by getting reelected and whose ass to kiss to get campaign funds. All laws should be enacted without addendum's more popularly known as pork. Representatives should have state approval for all pay raise after all disabled veterans and people on welfare (which is where I classify our representatives) can not vote in secret session giving themselves a undeserved pay raises. Let us try something different if the people who represent us do not vote for what the people want they should immediately lose their jobs. A pole of the voters should be made before any bill can be enacted especially one made by the president. All politicians will say the people are to dumb to make these kind of decisions. I have news for them the people are getting smarter and if representatives do not think so they might be out of jobs very quickly. People are getting sick of having their children send to their deaths because of a whim of the president who want to show how much power he has. Let it be known this president is going for the power at the end of the rainbow but he may drown in the storm that comes before the rainbow.

There needs to be a distinction made between the defunct Office of Public Diplomacy which existed in the 1980s and the more general term public diplomacy, which is being used quite a bit now in regard to the "hearts and minds" of Muslims and Arabs. I'm creating a separate entry called "public diplomacy." I'll get the ball rolling by starting the entry and moving a few things from this article into the new one. Laura Miller 16:13 10 Dec 2003 (EST)