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Click the "+" button next to "edit this page" tab above and someone will get right back to you. Make sure to check back for the reply!--Conor Kenny 18:30, 26 July 2007 (EDT)


To all the new participants. Our current tasks are to collect all the posts where people have made arguments on the different sides of these issues and then starting to collect the research and data around them. I'm going to ask the participants from the folks at Public Knowledge and Free Press to get the ball rolling. Any comments or questions about this?--Conor Kenny 16:18, 2 August 2007 (EDT)

More topics?

Can we suggest further topics? I have been working for laws against e-mail spam advertising (formally, Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) for more than a decade. At the behest of the Direct Marketing Association, Republican Billy Tauzin rammed through a bill, the CAN-SPAM ACT (known in the trenches as the Yes,You Can Spam Act) after California passed an effective law forbidding UCE, but before it could go into effect. The Federal law pre-empted all state laws against UCE, making effective action impossible.

See Coalition Against UCE,, for details. Our proposal would allow whole domains (whole companies, universities, ISPS, governments at all levels, etc.) to register as no-spam zones. In other respects, it would be very much like the mostly successful ban on junk fax. Our affiliates have proposed similar laws in many other countries around the world.