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The Bert Kelly Research Centre is a a small office complex established in South Australia to honour the late anti-protection and free market advocate, Bert Kelly. On its website the group describes its role as being to "promote and defend the moral basis for free markets, the rule of law and Australian constitutional democracy, and in this way honour the contribution made by Bert Kelly to Australian political and public life."[1] It also houses the Ray Evans Library, named after Ray Evans, a friend of Kelly's and a former executive with the mining company WMC.[2]

The Centre serves as the office for the Conservative Leadership Foundation, a group founded by conservative Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi.[3]

In December 2011 the Centre hosted the launch of climate sceptic Ian Plimer's latest book, How to get expelled from school – a guide to climate change for pupils, parents and punters. The event, the centre's website states, was sponsored by the centre, the Institute of Public Affairs and the National Civic Council. The book was launched by Bernardi.[4]

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Bert Kelly Research Centre
77 Fullarton Road
Kent Town, SA 5067
Phone: 08 7070 0077
Website: http://www.

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