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A conservative/Republican news spin organization founded by conservative reporter Tucker Carlson and former Dick Cheney aide Neil Patel.[1] The Daily Caller's announced objective is to be a "content" response tool to articles on The Huffington Post.


Tucker announced a loose idea for it at the 2009 CPAC. He and Patel than officially announced it at a Heritage Foundation gathering in May 2009, after which $3 million in capital from unnamed outside sources was invested.


It's unclear besides an editorial and accounting staff whether they actually employ any journalists other than Carlson, who's career has been as a talking head as opposed to a reporter. According to Carlson, they intend to use and adapt content from bloggers, possibly under freelance contracts. Per a 2010 article in The Washington Independent, it's reporters are from the conservative Washington Times (Jon Ward) and Government Executive (Gautham Nagesh) along with a humor opinion writer Jim Treacher (real name Sean Medlock).


Those who have written for it include Andrew Breitbart and Newt Gingrich.


They use Youtube to post video/audio.