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Tim Flannery will take up a position at Sydney's Macquarie University in the Division of Environmental and Life Sciences in mid-2007. [1][2] He was Director of the South Australian Museum until he resigned from the position in August 2007. He is also a "councillor" of the Copenhagen Climate Council and the World Future Council. He has invested in Geodynamics, a business venture involved in geothermal power.

Flannery, Purves & WWF

Since November 2002 Flannery has been a member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, a group funded by the Purves Environmental Fund to propose measures to address major environmental issues. To date its primary focus has been on the allocation of water in major river systems. While the group describes itself as being "independent", the non-government organisation WWF Australia states on its website that it "convened" the group. [3][4]

The founder of the fund, Robert Purves, is also the President of the non-government organisation WWF Australia. In the acknowledgements of his book The Weather Makers, Flannery notes that "Rob Purves encouraged me from the start, and a grant from the Purves Foundation for the Environment (sic) made it possible for me to complete the work." The website for the book, also states: "grateful acknowledgements to the sponsors of this site: the WWF-Australia and the Purves Environmental Fund." Flannery is also a defender of Purves and his vision that the environmental movement should be more collaborative with business. "It was a breath of fresh air when Rob came along. He is extremely intelligent, obviously well connected and used to getting things done, which is not what a lot of scientists or environmental groups are very good at. I'm not interested in ideology," Flannery said. [5]

Books By Flannery

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  • Tim Flannery, We Are the Weather Makers, Text Publishing, 2006. ISBN 1-921145-34-X

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  • Tim Flannery, "The power beneath our feet", 'Sydney Morning Herald, September 26, 2005.
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  • Tim Flannery, "Burnt and hostile: just what we need", Sydney Morning Herald, December 21, 2006.

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