Tobacco Products Liability Project

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The Tobacco Products Liability Project is a grant-supported clearinghouse for tobacco plaintiff's lawyers, and part of Northeastern University School of Law in Massachusetts.


The abbreviation for the Tobacco Products Liability Project is TPLP. Tobacco Products Liability Project is run by Richard A. Daynard and is a project of the Tobacco Control Resource Center Inc., a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization (TPLP, 5/94). David Gidmark is associate of Richard Daynard. TPLP is "a Rockefeller Fund-supported clearinghouse for plaintiff's lawyers at Northeastern Law School." TPLP publishes a newsletter called Tobacco on Trial (Jenkins, p. 117, 166, 175). Tobacco on Trial is published 10 times per year (monthly except July and August) it costs $95 per year for a subscription (TPLP 5/4/94).

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