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In April 2003 there was an outbreak of SARS in Toronto, Canada. This lead to the World Health Organization issuing a travel warning on April 23 which was listed a week later after Canadian authorities agreed to stricter monitoring of international travellers. [1]

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  • 23 May 2003: "Canada Gets Likely SARS Cases, CDC Warns on Travel" by Rajiv Sekhri, Reuters: " officials announced five possible new cases of the flu-like disease and said they were investigating more than 20 others."
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  • 24 May 2003: "SARS focus shifts to Canada as Asian hotspots record fewer cases", AFP.
  • 24 May 2003: "SARS Scare Haunts Canada, Hong Kong on the Mend" by Charlie Zhu and Rajiv Sekhri, Reuters: "...Canada is the only place outside Asia where people have died from SARS, with 24 known deaths in the Toronto area."
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