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In 1988-90 Lux worked with David Wilhelm, a well-known labor lobbyist, through a company known as WLK Associates. Wilhelm had just resigned as Executive Director at Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ), a labor-based anti-excise-tax operation run by six labor unions with membership associated with the tobacco industry, and funded mainly by the Tobacco Institute. Wilhelm became a member of the tobacco industry's Labor Management Committee, which acted as a channel to fund tobacco money to a number of liberal/Democrat organizations willing to front excise tax operations for the industry. [2] [3] [4]

Lux and Wilhelm established The Strategy Group, a PR and lobby firm, which serviced the tobacco industry as the main public relations service to the Labor Management Committee, and they also set up for tobacco interests another 'grassroots' anti-excise tax operation, the Consumer Tax Alliance. They also ran two think-tanks, Leadership 2000 and Leadership for the New Century which occasionally acted as fronts for the tobacco industry. [5] [6]