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Vince Randazzo is "the former head of Wachovia’s $2 million government affairs operations."[1]

With Wachovia's merger with Wells Fargo, in 2009, Randazzo went to work on Capitol Hill as "Republican deputy staff director on the House Financial Services Committee"[2] as part of the "revolving door."[3] That Committee is charged with conducting oversight of the banking industry and, in his new job, Randazzo "oversees internal and external communications and strategy."[4]

While Randazzo was leading Wachovia's lobby shop, the company came under fire for "extending an $8 million bailout loan to the cash-strapped National Republican Congressional Committee to finance last-minute election activities to help GOP House candidates [while] it was denying credit and freezing assets to thousands of small businesses." [5] That controversial loan was made while Wachovia was in the middle of a buyout deal with the Bush Administration which was promising to guarantee up to $42 billion from U.S. taxpayers, for a buyout by Citigroup[6] to cover losses after the FDIC declared Wachovia "systematically important," i.e., "too big to fail."[7] Ultimately, that deal to subsidize Citibank's purchase of Wachovia's assets fell through and Wells Fargo merged with Wachovia.[8]

Randazzo reported in 2008 that he made campaign donations to John McCain for President[9] and to the Freedom Project, which "1) provides direct financial assistance to Republican candidates for federal office; 2) supports the travel of Congressman Boehner on behalf of Republican candidates across the country; and 3) maintains -- a web-based clearinghouse for Republican activism featuring online fundraising and grassroots tools, and regular updates on key races and critical issues."[10]

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