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Vote 4 Energy is a 2012 American Petroleum Institute (API) advertising campaign aimed to encourage voter support for politicians who support the oil industry. The commercial was prematurely publicized when representatives of the Checks and Balances Project and Greenpeace attended the Vote 4 Energy commercial shoot and released audio recordings of the process.[1] [2]

Mock Vote 4 Energy Commercial

On the same day as the public release of the actual Vote 4 Energy campaign, launched in Washington, DC by American Petroleum Institute CEO Jack N. Gerard during his 2012 "State of American Energy" address, Greenpeace released a parody video intended to highlight how Vote 4 Energy attempts to create an impression of voter support for the petroleum industry.[3] The mock Vote 4 Energy video was published on a website stylistically similar to API's actual site and video.[4] [5]


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