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Waylon Ad is an advertising firm based in St. Louis, MO, whose clients include Americans for Balanced Energy Choices and the National Mining Association. The front page of its website states "We have ways of making you think".[1]

2007 - 2008 ABEC Ad Campaign on CNN

According to a June 20, 2007 piece on the American Coal Council website, "Americans for Balanced Energy Choices, in cooperation with Waylon Ad has announced the release of the second spot in a $10 million bid to promote coal-based energy. The ad will air on CNN for the remainder of the year and further ads are being discussed. The St. Louis ad agency's spot, which follows a debut effort that broke in April, suggests coal use is economically efficient and environmentally friendly. In the latest spot, a panorama of people and faces, including a man in the middle of a field with an electric guitar, is shown as a voiceover touts coal use. Utilities, the viewer is told, have invested more than $50 billion in new technologies to reduce emissions by one-third, and coal provides more than half of all electrical power.[2]


100 South 4th Street Suite 600
St Louis, Missouri, 63102
Phone: 314 231 6123
Fax: 314 231 6012
Website: http://www.waylonad.com/

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