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Westport Harbour is on the west coast of the South Island at the mouth of the Buller River in New Zealand. It is owned by Westport Harbour Limited, a subsidiary of the Buller Regional Council. The port handles coal.

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From July 1997 until June 2000 coal shipments were made through the port using the largest barge in the Southern Hemisphere - the 16,000 tonnes deadweight Union Bulk 1. The majority of the shipments were to Australia. In 2005, about 184,000 tonnes of coal was barged from the Port of Westport to Australia and Lyttelton Port of Christchurch in New Zealand.[1]

In 2010 coal export facilities were being planned to handle a significant volume of coal exports from Bathurst Resources' existing and proposed coal mines.[2] Coal volumes were expected to reach two million tonnes within three years.[3]

The first shipment of coal from Bathurst Resources Cascade mine was dispatched to Port Taranaki from where it will be sent as part of a larger shipment to Asia. Bathurst Resources aims to export approximately 50-75,000 tonnes per annum from the Cascade mine[4] and is planning on exporting approximately 1-2 million tonnes per annum from the Escarpment mine and the Deep Creek mine. The three mines are a part of Bathurst Resources' larger multi-mine Buller Coal Project.[5]

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