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It was launched by The Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) in January, 2006 with the intent for it to be an accessible knowledge base for data and analysis of public opinion from throughout the world regarding international issues. Its network consists of a consortium of research centers that study public opinion on international issues within their respective countries. As of December 2010, the network consisted of research centers in more than 25 countries across all of the major continents, with an aim towards representing the majority of the world's population.

"As the world becomes increasingly integrated, economic and security challenges have become increasingly global, pointing to a greater need for understanding between nations and for finding global norms. With the growth of democracy in the world, public opinion has come to play a greater role in the foreign policy process. WPO seeks to increase understanding of public opinion in specific nations around the world as well as to elucidate the global patterns of world public opinion."
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The Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) was established in 1992 with the goal of giving public opinion a greater voice in international relations. [1]

Lenient Application of Copyright

Although the content available at the's website is copyrighted by World Public Opinion: Global Public Opinion on International Affairs, their stated permissions for reprinting and publishing the content from the website are overtly charitable:

"You are welcome to copy, reprint, publish or reproduce written material on on the condition that you attribute the material to You may not reproduce or disseminate the entire content of, nor may you sell or offer for sale material from, but you are free to use the written content on for research, analysis, teaching, writing, journalistic or related purposes." [1]

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