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XETV-6 is a San Diego, California television station and a part of the FOX network.

The station was documented airing a video news release by the Center for Media and Democracy, in its November 2006 report "Still Not the News: Stations Overwhelmingly Fail to Disclose VNRs." The VNR was sponsored by Siemens, and promoted the company's Runway Status Light System, a pilot program using sensors and red lights to visually warn airplanes approaching an occupied runway. On June 20, 2006, XETV-6 aired an edited version of the VNR, re-voiced by local anchor Brian Christie. [1]



Contact details

FOX 6 (XETV-TV) San Diego
Bay City Television
8253 Ronson Road
San Diego CA 92111
Website: http://www.fox6.com/

Phone: (858) 279-6666
News Fax: (858) 279-0061

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