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Young Conservatives of California is an embryonic off-shoot of Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) founded by Brendan Steinhauser, author of The Conservative Revolution: How to Win the Battle for College Campuses.

In March 2005, Steinhauser began recruiting members for a Californian sister organisation to YCT. In a post to the Free Republic website, Steinhauser said:

I will be using the principles and ideas outlined in my book on campus activism to build a successful conservative youth movement that will fill the void left by groups like Young Americans for Freedom. We will work alongside College Republicans and Protest Warrior to take back our college campuses.

According to Steinhauser, the YCC "will adopt the mission statement and stated goals of YCT, but will have complete autonomy from YCT in everything it does." The tactics employed by the new group in Californian college campuses since June 2005 have closely mirrored those employed by YCT, namely holding "Affirmative Action Bake Sales" (where minority groups are charged lower prices than white people) and targeting university professors deemed to promote a liberal agenda within their classes.

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