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Your Energy America is a pro-natural gas and hydraulic fracturing (a.ka. "fracking) front group run by the American Gas Association (AGA).

Your Energy America was started in Spring, 2017 and states on its website that the organization: "was created to speak out against a misguided movement that assaults our way of life. This movement is based on the simplistic belief that keeping our natural resources in the ground is the only solution to climate change. This isn’t just false — it’s dangerous to our quality of life, economy and energy security."

A June 12th, 2017 investigative article on Huffington Post identifies Your Energy America as a "Fake Grassroots Group."

In audio recordings obtained by Huffington Post of a May 24th Virginia Chamber of Commerce event, Jim Cheng, who served as secretary of commerce under then-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, spoke on behalf of Your Energy America, saying that Your Energy America, "... was created to raise the energy IQ of Virginians about the many benefits of natural gas. And to try to follow on these radical and uniformed elements within your communities that try to intimidate or shut down pro-energy supporters.”

Republican PR Firm Behind Your Energy America

According to a June 14, 2017 article by investigative journalist Steve Horn, a public relations firm called DDC Advocacy is behind Your Energy America. DDC Advocacy has ties to the Republican party, as well as with organizations who have received funding from the Koch Brothers.

Horn writes that,

"Short for Democracy, Data & Communications, DDC's founding partner, chairman, and CEO, B.R. McConnon in the past “has acted as a key contact and spokesperson for National Federation for Independent Business is behind Your Energy America,” according to his LinkedIn. NFIB takes funding from Koch Industries and other major corporate interests, and McConnon began his career as a policy analyst for the Koch-founded Citizens for a Sound Economy, the precursor to Americans for Prosperity."