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Yuan Zhiming "was born in 1955 into a peasant family in rural Hebei, China. In his youth, he experienced all the major turmoil during Communist’s rule, including the Cultural Revolution. He spent 10 years in People’s Liberation Army as a Marxist-Leninist doctrine officer. Later, he became a Ph. D. candidate in the Department of Philosophy of the People’s University in Beijing, China. Mr. Yuan was a script of the acclaimed TV series: “The Yellow River Eulogy”.

"Because of his active participation in the Tiananmen Square demonstration in Beijing on June 4, 1989, Mr. Yuan was labeled by the Chinese government as an inciter of Tiananmen’s incident. He was forced to exile overseas. Later, he became the chief editor of the “Democratic China” Magazine and a co-founder of the organization “The Chinese Democratic Frontline.”

"In 1990, Mr. Yuan became a visiting scholar at Princeton University. He came to know Christ the following year and was baptized. He is one of several former Communist party members from Tiananmen demonstration who later became Christians. In 1992, he committed himself to serving Christ and attended the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Miss.

"After graduating from seminary, he served as an editor in “Overseas Campus Magazines (“OCM”)”—the most popular Christian gospel bimonthly dedicated to reaching out to overseas mainland Chinese students, scholars and professionals for Christ. While he was with OCM, Mr. Yuan wrote several books that are well accepted by Chinese intellectuals; including “Earthly Loss, Heavenly Gain”, “The Dialog of Faith”, “Lao Zi vs. Bible” and “Lai Zi and its New Translation.”

"In 1996, he started his work of “China’s Confession: God and the 400+0 Years of China.” The book was published in 1998. With the blessing of OCM, he, two board member of OCM and two Christian entrepreneurs join team to start a company, China Soul, Inc, to make the video serial “China’s Confession”. After the debut of the video, China Soul, Inc. was transformed into a non-profit organization, “China Soul for Christ Foundation (“CSFC”)”, in 2000. CSFC is set up with the mission to use video as a medium to bring Chinese people to Christ. He is currently the Chief Director of CSFC and working on “The Cross” project.

"Mr. Yuan is an acclaimed evangelist among Chinese circle. He is invited to preach in many evangelist meetings almost every weekend all over the North America and the world, because many mainland Chinese can identify with his experience. Through his sermons, the Holy Spirit moves thousands to accept Christ each year. Whenever there is an issue relating to the areas of personal faith and house churches in China, he is also frequently interviewed by the Voice of America, 700 Club (or CBN), CNN and Free Asia Radio Station." [1]

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