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  • ...Office of Public Information of the Bahá'í International Community (see [[Baha'i Faith]])<ref>[ "Dialogue between *[[Baha’i Internet Agency]]
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  • '''Thane Terrill''' is a member of the [[Baha’i Internet Agency]] and the current Director of Information Services at the [[Baha'i International Community United Nations Office]] <ref>[http://www.linkedin.c
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  • ...oosh noted of the "Customer Experience Paradox" and the expansion of the [[Baha'i Faith]] that: ...y learn from as we expand. An examination of "the first 90 days of being a Baha'i in America" may prove a useful exercise."<ref>[
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  • ...ies. While much of the focus of this aid is directed toward the use of the Internet, it also encompasses other technologies such as telephony, radio and TV tra *[[Baha'i Faith]]
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  • ...f>[ About the Baha'i International Community], accessed December 18, 2009.</ref> ...f>[ About the Baha'i International Community], accessed December 18, 2009.</ref>
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  • A former [[National Security Agency]] analyst, Tennant is also partner at the "deception-detection services pro ...journalist and speaker" who "began his career with the [[National Security Agency]] as a research analyst covering international economic issues. His profici
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  • ...ka.html Baha'i Community News-Regional Conferences of the Five Year Plan], Baha'i World News Service, November, 2008. Accessed September 22, 2009.</ref> ...Continental Board of Counsellors for the Protection and Propagation of the Baha'i Faith in the Americas==
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  • Manager at the '''Baha'i National Center''' of the United States (see [[Baha'i Faith]]).<ref>[ Linkedin Employment ..., [[U.S. Navy]], [[U.S. Department of Transportation]], [[U.S. Information Agency]], [[Joint Oceanographic Institutions]], [[Falcon Microsystems]], [[Fairchi
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  • The '''Wilmette Institute''' was founded in 1995 and "is an educational agency of the [[National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís]] of the United State ...í community to advance the process of '''entry by troops''' (see article [[Baha'i Faith]]). It aims to produce teachers and administrators of the Bahá'í Fa
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  • ...(Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) APPG|Friends of Cafod (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development)]] (APPG) *[[Internet Group APPG|Internet Group]] (APPG)
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