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The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) "is a South African-based civil society organisation working throughout Africa to bring creative African solutions to the challenges posed by conflict on the continent. ACCORD’s primary aim is to influence political developments by bringing conflict resolution, dialogue and institutional development to the forefront as an alternative to armed violence and protracted conflict. ACCORD specialises in conflict management, analysis and prevention and intervenes in conflicts through mediation, negotiation, training, research and conflict analysis.

"ACCORD works from SADC in the south, through the Great Lakes region to the Horn of Africa and in West Africa. Since 1992, ACCORD has trained over 12 000 people in conflict management and conflict resolution skills, focussing on all sectors: government and the public service, business, military and police, and civil society." [1]


"In true African tradition, ACCORD is a family extending across the African continent. The founder of the organisation, Vasu Gounden, is still at the helm 14 years on.

"Much of the success of the organisation has to do with its historical links and strong foundations. The founding trustees of ACCORD were the then principles of South Africa's "black" universities. Sibusiso Bengu, Jakes Gerwel, Jairam Reddy, Chabani Manganyi and Wiseman Nkuhlu went on to take up prominent positions in the new government - from Education Minister to Director General in President Mandela's office, but have remained loyal to the work of ACCORD and played a major role in the organisation's success over the years. In 1998, Graca Machel joined the ACCORD team as it's sixth trustee." [2]



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