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Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Albert Rodríguez, "the highest decorated soldier of the Viet Nam war" [1] is a spokesman for the anti-illegal immigration coalition "You Don't Speak for Me!", which was organized in April 2006 by Dan Stein, president of the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR). [2]


In the May 2, 2006, MediaCorps News article "Immigrants stage protest against US clampdown on illegal entrants," Rodriguez, speaking on behalf of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said:

"'This group represents the other side of the story - the side of the American-Hispanic community that is standing up against illegal immigration, standing up for secure borders and standing up for all Americans who are shocked and angry about the mass demonstrations of illegals who are demanding, not asking, demanding, rights that they do not even have the legal right to demand.'"

The Washington Times' Keyonna Summers reported May 9, 2006:

Rodriguez, "a man of Mexican descent who was born in Arizona," called the May 1, 2006, rallies by illegal aliens seeking amnesty and U.S. citizenship, "'a slap in the face' ... '[The boycott] was very positive for us who are against illegal aliens and very negative for those who are for amnesty,' the retired Army colonel said. 'They come here and work illegally and then they turn around and bite the hand that's giving them a job and paying them by boycotting. ... Pro-illegal groups are trying to say just because we're American Hispanics, we're with them. They're idiots if they think that.'
"His son Daniel, a retired Army civilian employee, said he sees the illegal alien protesters as 'blackmailers.' ... 'They don't have rights,' said Daniel Rodriguez, 56, of Fairfax [Virginia]. 'I think the simple solution is if they want to be here, they should apply for visas and come here legally.'"

Minuteman Project

Bill Hess wrote of Rodriguez in the July 2, 2005, Sierra Vista Herald (Sierra Vista, AZ):

"But, there were some Hispanics who supported the Minuteman program. ... Marie Conlea said she is first and foremost an American, not a Mexican.
"Al Rodriguez, a retired Army colonel and native of Douglas, said those who want to help the needy Mexicans who are fleeing their country for a better life should go after the Mexican federal government, including its president, because Mexico is an example of socialism gone wrong and is heavily corrupt.
"Looking at the Mexican flag carried by [Andy] Hernandez, the World War II and Vietnam combat veteran was dismissive saying 'my flag is the American flag, I'm proud to call myself an American.'
"The words of Conlea and Rodriguez were greeted by loud cheers from those supporting the Minuteman program and equally as noisy 'boos' from the counter demonstrators."

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