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Albert 'Jack' Stanley was, until December 2003, chairman of Halliburton Company subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root. For several months afterwards, until his termination, he served as a "consultant." He is also a longtime friend and associate of US vice-president Dick Cheney. [1]

In July 2004, Capitol Hill Blue reported on an investigation by a French judge into a $180 million 'slush fund' alleged to have been used to pay bribes connected to the construction of the Bonny Island liquified natural gas plant by the TSKJ consortium (KBR is the "K") in Nigeria. According to the report, "London Lawyer Jeffrey Tesler, a consultant to Halliburton, admitted under oath in May that he made payments from the fund to Albert 'Jack' Stanley... The payments, Tesler said, were personally approved by Cheney, who headed Halliburton at the time." [2]

The Capitol Hill Blue report further alleged that "At least $5 million in payments to Stanley from the fund were wired to a secret numbered bank account in Zurich which Judge Ruymbeke discovered belonged to the KBR President... Halliburton publicly announced on June 18 it was 'severing all ties' with Stanley, admitting he had received 'improper personal benefits' while serving as President of KBR... French Judge Ruymbeke (sic), however, is said to be offering Stanley a deal if he implicates Cheney and sources within the French legal system say the judge has more than enough to indict the Vice President on charges of bribery, money laundering and misuse of corporate assets." [3]

According to press reports, some of the payments from the slush fund went to numbered Swiss bank accounts of Stanley and other KBR insiders. These payments are generally presumed to be the aforementioned "improper personal benefits" which led to their terminations.

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