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Biographical Details

"Dr. Alexander Galitsky is the founder and Executive Chairman of TrustWorks Systems B.V., he is also an internationally renowned inventor and entrepreneur.

"In April 1998, Dr. Galitsky obtained venture capital funding from Brunswick Capital and UBS Warburg to start TrustWorks Systems B.V. He led the company as CEO from 1998 to July 2000

"Prior to forming TWS, Dr. Galitsky established and lead, as CEO, one of the first private software and hardware development companies in Russia; ELVIS+, which developed original products and services, including a wireless PCMCIA product, contract software development for Sun Microsystems, and custom secure network solutions for top Russian enterprise customers. ELVIS+ became a recognizable worldwide pioneer in the Virtual Private Network market in 1996 and 1997. Dr. Galitsky was the founder and strategic leader of one of the first Russian ISPs—ELVIS Telekom.

"Dr. Galitsky was formerly the President and General Manager of the Computer and Data Communications Department of the Soviet NPO ELAS, where he was responsible for the design and implementation of satellite and spacecraft software and data communication systems. Under his leadership, the department developed a technology strategy, essential architectural solutions, and products that are still used by the Russian Defense and Space Program today...

"Dr. Galistsky has been a featured speaker at numerous international conferences, and has been interviewed and profiled in numerous publications. In January 2000, the World Economic Forum named Dr. Alexander Galitsky a `Technology Pioneer` and at the same time gave an award to TrustWorks Systems for Technology Innovation for the New Millennium. " [1]

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