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Alison Richard "has been Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University since October 2003 and previously was Provost of Yale University. Professor Richard was an undergraduate at Newnham College, and is now a Fellow of Newnham and an Honorary Fellow of Wolfson College." [1]

"A native of Kent, Professor Richard came to East Anglia to study anthropology at Cambridge University. She later received her doctorate from London University. In 1972, she moved to the USA to join Yale University as professor of anthropology, from 1986-1991. From 1991-1994, she was director of the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, where she was responsible for a University Natural History Collection of extreme significance.

"In April 1994, she became Provost of Yale, a role which saw her improve the University's financial position and grow the academic offering there. Here she continued to develop her reputation as an eminent researcher, studying the ecology and social behaviour of wild primates in Central America, west Africa, and the Himalayan foothills. Added to this is her 'most notable work' in the forests of southern Madagascar. Since 1977, she has helped to spearhead an ongoing effort to conserve Madagascar's incredible natural heritage and enhance socio-economic opportunities for people in and around the forest. She is also involved with professional bodies and scientific advisory councils, including the WWF. In 2005 she was appointed Officier de l'Ordre National (Madagascar)." [2]

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