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The Alliance for Sound Nuclear Policy (ASNP) was a front group created in 2002 by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) that ran an extensive advertising campaign in support of making Yucca Mountain the national nuclear waste dump.

In a June 2002 media release, Public Citizen stated that "the Alliance is housed at the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the nuclear industry’s lobbying organization. Alliance director Sherry Reilly has worked for NEI in public relations for several years." [1]

At a June 2002 press conference organized by the NEI, Norris McDonald, the president of the African American Environmentalist Association, stated that "I say emission-free electricity from nuclear power is a godsend." A news article on the event identified McDonald as part of "the Alliance for Sound Nuclear Policy, which has been running full-page newspaper advertisements urging Congress to override Nevada Gov. Kenny Guinn's April 8 veto of President Bush's designation of Yucca Mountain as the national disposal site for commercial nuclear power plant waste." [2]


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