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"Almon Glenn Braswell (1943-2006) sold pills and potions through the mail. He probably took in more money and more people than any similar marketer in U.S. history. This article details what he did, looks at connections he had with prominent politicians, and describes some of the actions law enforcement took against him. " [1]

"Almon Glenn Braswell, doing business primarily under the name Gero Vita International, markets pills and potions through the mail [1]. During the past 25 years, he has probably taken in more money and more people than any similar marketer in U.S. history. One reason for his commercial success is his association with health professionals whom he lists as advisors and/or authors of articles in his publications. Some of them are also quoted with their picture in his advertising brochures.

"Each of the people listed below has been named as an advisory board member of Braswell's Journal of Longevity (previously called the Journal of Longevity Research), a monthly magazine that Braswell publishes. Those marked with an asterisk (*) have also been listed as advisors to Braswell's Medi-Plex Physicians Nutrition Network, whose members are said to be eligible to purchase his products at 40% to 50% discounts for resale to their patients." [1] Braswell's closest collaborator appears to be Hans J. Kugler. Another is Murray Susser.

"Other Current Advisors: The masthead of Braswell's Journal of Longevity has listed the following people as advisory board members during all or most of the past four years.

"Former Advisors: The following individuals were listed as Advisory Board members between 1995 and 1997, when Braswell's magazine was called the Journal of Longevity Research:

"Braswell had connections to George W. Bush and George's brother Jeb Bush, when he was Governor of Florida. Braswell and his companies have donated a total of at least $220,000 to their campaigns and to the Republican Party...The July 2000 issue of the Journal of Longevity contained an article by Jeb accompanied by a picture of him and George...On his last day as President of the United States, Bill Clinton included Braswell among the 140 felons whom he pardoned. (The pardon was for Braswell's 1983 conviction.) Pardons normally require demonstrated good conduct for a substantial period of time after the criminal sentence is completed. Braswell's longstanding mail-order scams hardly fit that description. [2]

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  • Another Gero Vita advisor, James R. Privitera, MD, was convicted in 1975 of conspiring to prescribe and distribute laetrile (a quack cancer remedy) and was sentenced to six months in prison.
  • Ted Ponich


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