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The American Bioethics Advisory Commission (ABAC) was founded by the American Life League "to defend the human being, his innate dignity and his unique nature." The ABAC states that it "will not allow the rush toward bioethical tyranny to proceed unchecked."[1]


According to the organisation's website, the major areas of focus are:

  • "Definitions: The science of improvement of the human race germ plasm through better breeding."
  • "Introduction: Eugenics is an ideology, a movement, not a conspiracy."
  • "Margaret Sanger: The great work of her life was enlisting the feminist movement in the service of the eugenics movement."
  • "Planned Parenthood: Eugenics is not dead at all. You can look at their own up-to-date seductive material!"
  • "Biomedical Research: Eugenics also resurfaces in the '90s with the ordering of experimentation on "decisionally incapacitated" human subjects."
  • "Africa 2000: A major part of eugenics today is population control."


  • C. Ward Kischer, Ph.D., Chairman; Professor Emeritus of Human Embryology, University of Arizona School of Medicine, Tucson, Arizona
  • Fr. Joseph C. Howard, Jr., M.Div., Director; Degrees in Biology and Theology and pursuing graduate studies in Moral Theology at Catholic University Washington, D.C.
  • Membership.


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