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The American Cornerstone Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that claims to be a "values-driven educational organization that focuses on identifying and implementing common-sense solutions to some of the problems currently hurting the country's most vulnerable citizens," and a "strong champion of free-market, self-reliance focused policy solutions to the real problems our nation faces".[1]

ACI was founded by former presidential candidate Dr. Benjamin Carson, who endorsed former president Donald Trump upon his withdrawal from the 2016 POTUS race.

ACI is part of a larger network of nonprofit spinoffs launched by the Conservative Partnership Institute that provide jobs for former Trump staff and political allies.[2]

The "cornerstone" values that guide ACI are "faith, liberty, community, and life".[3]

News and Controversies

Ben Carson Likens 'Little Patriots' Program to Soviet Indoctrination

The Little Patriots program is a project of ACI in which parents and educators can receive free teaching materials that promote a patriotic American history curriculum. MRT reported ACI president Ben Carson said, "That's why Vladimir Lenin said give me your children to teach for four years and the seed that I plant will never be uprooted." He further explained, "'We' need to utilize the same principles and try to make sure children have a solid foundation of understanding of who we are as a nation," MRT reports.[4]. In the same interview, Carson called Critical Race Theory "a bunch of garbage" and claimed the disproportionate shooting of Black citizens by police officers is a fallacy created by media spin.[4]


American Cornerstone Institute is not required to disclose its donors. However, the Center for Media and Democracy identified the following contributors through an analysis of tax filings:

Core Financials

Financial information for the American Cornerstone Institute is not currently available.



As of January 2021:[1]

  • Benjamin Carson, President
  • Irving Dennis, CFO

Board of Directors

As of January 2021:[1]

  • Benjamin Carson, Chairman
  • Andrew Hughes, Executive Director
  • Irving Dennis, Treasurer
  • Michael Williams, Secretary

Contact Information

Employer Identification Number (EIN): 86-1545903

American Cornerstone Institute, Inc.
P.O. Box 354
611 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
Washinton, D.C. 20003

Articles and Resources

IRS Filings

Tax-Exempt Application



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