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American Rights at Work (ARW) is a U.S.-based group which describes its vision as "a nation where the freedom of workers to organize unions and bargain collectively with employers is guaranteed and promoted." [1]

ARW is a member of the Business Ethics Network and profiled in the WiserEarth database here.

What they do

According to their website, they:

  • Build coalitions, perform research, public relations, policy analysis, and advocacy
  • Investigate and expose workers' rights abuses and the inadequacy of U.S. labor law
  • Stimulate debate about the state of workers' rights among journalists, policymakers, advocacy groups, and the public
  • Promote public policy that protects workers from hostile employers and weak laws that impede their rights to form unions and collectively bargain
  • Publicize success stories of profitable companies and public agencies that respect workers' rights and build innovative partnerships with unions[1]

Resources they use

  • Publications: they produce reports, case studies, issue briefs, and educational materials based on research
  • Workers' Rights Clearinghouse: their national database features cases of workers whose rights have been violated during union organizing campaigns or contract negotiations with employers
  • Workers' Rights Watch: Eye on the NLRB: This feature monitors and analyzes decisions of the National Labor Relations Board
  • Online Advocacy & Resources: website for news, action alerts, and reports for those who want to learn more about the issues or ways to get involved[1]

Countering business-funded campaigns

In 2008, American Rights At Work had an ad campaign showing corporate "fat cats" opposing workers. This was a campaign to promote labor-backed legislation and was to counter business-funded campaigns. Will Evans of NPR writes, "But over the last week, American Rights At Work spent only $235,000 on ads in five key states. That's less than half what the other side — represented by the Employee Freedom Action Committee — spent last week ($563,000). And Employee Freedom has been beating the drum for a month longer." The Employee Freedom Action Committee is a front group established and run by Rick Berman, a Washington DC lobbyist with a history of creating industry-funded front groups.[2]


The group spent $438,000 for lobbying in 2009.[3]



Board of Directors:[5]

Contact details

1100 17th Street NW, Suite 950
Washington DC 20036
Email: info AT
Phone: 202-822-2127
Fax: 202-822-2168


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