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Americans for Public Trust is a Virginia-based, right-wing 501(c)(3) nonprofit with close ties to the Republican party, which has been tax exempt since 2020.[1]

Americans for Public Trust conducts investigations, pursues legal action, and publishes reporting, with the stated goal of ensuring "those who disregard the rule of law are held responsible. By raising awareness of this work, we help to rebuild public faith in our elected leaders."[2]

News and Controversies

Launched $2 Million Media Campaign Opposing Biden Nominees Alongside Heritage Action for America and Judicial Crisis Network

In February 2021, a conservative coalition led by Americans for Public Trust, Heritage Action for America, and Judicial Crisis Network plan to spend a total of $2 million targeting President Joe Biden's "dark money" ties and opposing Health Department nominee Xavier Becerra and associate attorney general nominee Vanita Gupta.[3][4][5] Americans for Public Trust will spend $600,000 attacking Biden's ties to "dark money" groups, Heritage Action for America will spend $600,000 targeting Becerra, and Judicial Crisis Network will spend $800,000 targeting Gupta.[3][4][5]

In response to these ad buy announcements, Politico said, "a 'dark money' organization is a political nonprofit that is not required to disclose their donors. Judicial Crisis Network and Heritage Action for America are, in fact, dark money groups themselves. As 501(c)(4) groups they do not have to reveal their funders."[5]

"Liberal Dark Money Cashes In", Americans for Public Trust YouTube channel

APT's Ties to the Republican Party and Trump's "Stop the Steal" Efforts

A Center for Media and Democracy report said Americans for Public Trust "is clearly allied with the Republican Party. Caitlin Sutherland, who previously worked for GOP super PAC the Congressional Leadership Fund and the National Republican Congressional Committee, is executive director, and Nevada's former GOP attorney general, Adam Laxalt, is counsel. Last year, while working for APT, Laxalt was the Trump campaign's Nevada co-chair. Days after the election, Laxalt and the campaign asked judges to stop the vote counting there, and weeks later, Laxalt was still trying to invalidate Bidens' win in the state."[3]

Accused Left-Wing "Dark Money" Network of "Politicizing Coronavirus" After Ads Attacked Trump COVID-19 Response

Drawing from research from the Washington Post and Fox News, Americans for Public Trust presented a "dark money" network of left-wing groups, including Arabella Advisors, Sixteen Thirty Fund, New Venture Fund, Protect our Care, American Bridge, ACRONYM and PACRONYM. The network also shows how Democratic operatives David Brock, David Plouffe, and Brad Woodhouse are connected to some of these groups.[6]



As of March 2021:[2]

  • Caitlin Sutherland, founding Executive Director
  • Adam Paul Laxalt, Outside Council

Contact Information

Americans for Public Trust
107 South West Street, Suite 442
Alexandria, VA 22314

EIN: 84-4413894
Phone: (202) 656-5175

Articles and Resources

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IRS Form 990 Filings

Since APT was established in 2020, none of its IRS filings are publicly available as of March 2021.


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