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Biographical Details

"Dr. Amit Roy has been the president and chief executive officer of IFDC since 1992. Under his leadership, IFDC’s programs have broadened to help create sustainable agricultural productivity around the world, alleviating hunger and poverty and ensuring global food security, environmental protection and economic growth.

"Roy joined IFDC in 1978 as a chemical engineer and special projects engineer. He contributed to IFDC’s successful efforts to reinvigorate Bangladesh’s agricultural sector and to prevent a humanitarian crisis in that country. Under his leadership, IFDC developed a working and vibrant market for agricultural supplies and products in Albania where none existed previously. Earlier in his career at IFDC, Roy was involved in research and development of new and modified fertilizer materials, as well as processes using indigenous fertilizer raw materials, particularly phosphate rock. In addition, he participated in team studies of fertilizer industries in developing countries and provided technical assistance in fertilizer technology and processes and production-related environmental problems.

"Roy was instrumental in organizing the Africa Fertilizer Summit in Abuja, Nigeria, in June 2006..." [1]

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