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Andrew Forster is editor of the magazine Local Transport Today, a transport magazine which is published in the U.K.[1].

Climate Change

"Failure at Copenhagen will be greeted with understandable despair by those people who have been convinced by the doomladen prophecies of numerous climate scientists, many journalists, most political leaders, and all ‘green’ pressure groups. But before heading for the cliffs it is worth reflecting for a moment on a question posed in these pages last year by climate policy analyst Benny Peiser: Would the debate at Copenhagen be different if global temperatures were rising rapidly? Almost certainly. But average global temperature isn’t rising and hasn’t for a few years. The world’s leaders may not admit it publicly but perhaps they are no longer quite so sure that this a planetary ‘emergency’." Andrew Forster Sept 2008. [2]

The magazine frequently quotes Benny Peiser, Paul Biggs, Ross McKitrick, Roger Pielke Jr. and Roger A. Pielke Sr.

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