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Andy Brown "began his career working as a university lecturer in northern Nigeria. He then joined the Nature Conservancy Council, and later became the chief officer of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and subsequently the chief executive of English Nature. When Natural England was created Andy left and became self-employed.

"He splits his time between being a board member of the Environment Agency, working overseas on environmental projects, assisting various NGOs and his research interest in freshwater Chironomidae (Diptera).

"Andy has been the chair of the UK Biodiversity Information Group, Chair of the IUCN UK Committee, vice chair of the National Biodiversity Network Trust, member of the Rural Climate Change Forum and a member of the World Heritage Site Review Panel. He is a council member of RSPB, a trustee of CPRE, a council member and fellow of the Linnean Society and a fellow of the Institute of Biology." [1]

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