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"Anis H. Bajrectarevic is professor in international law and global political studies, based in Vienna, Austria. His previous book Geopolitics of Technology – Is There Life after Facebook? was published by the New York’s Addleton Academic Publishers. His forthcoming book Geopolitics – Europe 100 years later is coming soon. The article Denazification - Urgently Needed in Europe is reprinted from Research Institute for European and American Studies (" [1]

"Former legal practitioner and the president of Young Lawyers Association of BiH Bar (late 1980s). Former MFA official and career diplomat (early 1990s). Research Fellow at the Institute for Modern Political-history analyses, Dr. Bruno Kreisky Foundation as well as the Legal and Political Advisor for CEE at the Vienna-based Political Academy, Dr. Karl Renner (mid 1990s)...Among other functions and nominations, he is editor of the Geopolitics, History, International Relations (GHIR) Journal of the New York-based Addleton; Advisory Board Member of the Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI) outlet - Geopolitics of Energy; Advisory Board Chairman of the Modern Diplomacy and its Tomorrow's People platform originator, and the IFIMES Head of Mission (Vienna-Geneva) and Department Head for Strategic Studies on Asia (DeSSA)...Author of the book FB - Geopolitics of Energy (Addleton Academic Publishers, New York, 2013), Geopolitics - Europe 100 years later (DK, 2014-15), and the forthcoming book No Asian Century." [2]

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