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Aras Karim Habib was "the head of the INC "information collection program"" [1] for the Iraqi National Congress (INC) under the leadership of Ahmad Chalabi (or Ahmed Chalabi). [2]

Aras Karim Habib was allegedly involved in negotiating asylum for Iraqi defectors in other countries, in exchange for their propagation of dubious quality intelligence in the new host country. [3]

He reportedly fled Iraq in May 2004 after an attempted arrest, as his information activities were suspected of being shared with the Iranian intelligence agencies. [4]

Shortly before he allegedly fled the country, he claimed to be collaborating with the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to pass intelligence to the media. [5]

Aras Karim Habib is also known as Aras Habib. [6]

Aras Karim Habib may also be known as Aras Karim or Aras Habib Karim. [7]

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