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Arcapita Bank (AB), founded in 1996 as First Islamic Investment Bank (FIIB), is headquartered in Bahrain with United States and United Kingdom subsidiary offices in Atlanta and London. In the U.S., AB operates through Arcapita (formerly Crescent Capital Investments, Inc.), "a Delaware corporation headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, which is an indirect, wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary" of Arcapita Bank. [1]

Arcapita is "principally engaged in identifying and structuring investments for the benefit of its parent company," Arcapita Bank, and clients of AB. ... Arcapita’s "management is comprised primarily of U.S. citizens who are experienced in the banking and investment business.

"While one shareholder holds approximately 10.5 percent of the ownership interest in [AB], and the employees of [AB] and [Arcapita] collectively hold approximately 11 percent of the ownership interest, no shareholder or group of shareholders holds a controlling interest in [AB], and there are no voting or other agreements that would give control to one shareholder or group of shareholders." [2]


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