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Biographical Information

"Mr. Puddington joined Freedom House nearly 13 years ago and is responsible for the publication of Freedom in the World and other research publications, and for the development of new research and advocacy programs. He previously worked as research director for the A. Philip Randolph Institute, as executive director for the League for Industrial Democracy, and as a bureau manager for Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty. He writes frequently on international affairs, race relations, organized labor, and the Cold War. His writings have appeared in Commentary, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, National Interest, and Journal of Democracy. He is the author of three books: Failed Utopias: Methods of Coercion in Communist Societies (ICS, 1989), Broadcasting Freedom: The Cold War Triumph of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (University Press of Kentucky, 2000), and Lane Kirkland: Champion of American Labor (Wiley, 2005). He attended the University of Missouri, Columbia and received a B.A. in English Literature." [1]

  • 1966-1968 - Reporter, Lebanon Daily News, Pennsylvania [1]
  • 1968-1971 - Political reporter, Bayonne Times, New Jersey
  • 1971-1976 - Program director, A. Philip Randolph Institute, New York City
  • 1976-1985 - Executive director, League for Industrial Democracy, New York City
  • 1985-1993 - Assistant director, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, New York office
  • 1993 - Senior scholar, Freedom House, New York City
  • 1994 - Vice president for research, Freedom House, New York City

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