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Arkady Mamontov is a famous Russian journalist and TV host. He made the ( "film about how the United States is fomenting colored revolutions everywhere, including in Russia." [1] (this film features William Engdahl)

"Speaking during his "Special Correspondent" television program on state-sponsored channel Rossiya , Mamontov made a reference to the Old Testament story of Sodom and Gomorrah and called on viewers to understand last winter's terrifying meteorite explosion over the city of Chelyabinsk as punishment for gay activity in Russia." [2] [1]

In 2015 he made Sodom (TV Movie documentary) which features Scott Lively.[3]

A 2012 report in the New Republic notes:

"When journalist Arkady Mamontov aired his television exposé on Pussy Riot last week, the central question was who was behind their riotous performance? Mamontov’s investigation yielded two culprits: oligarch-in-exile Boris Berezovsky, and “some Americans” who hired Pussy Riot and choreographed their act in order to corrupt the souls of Russian youth." [4]

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