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Aron Bernstein "is Professor of Physics Emeritus at MIT where he has been on the faculty since 1961. He has taught a broad range of physics courses from freshman to graduate level. His research program has been in nuclear and particle physics, with an emphasis on studying the basic symmetries of matter, and currently involves collaborations with University and government laboratories, and colleagues in many countries.

"Since 1969 he has been active in the area of nuclear arms control. His teaching has included seminars on the nuclear arms race with Phillip Morrison, co-organizing a recent student seminar on nuclear proliferation, and being the advisor to a student group on arms control.

"Professor Bernstein chaired a Federation of American Scientists chapter at MIT and the MIT Faculty Disarmament Study Group and actively spoke out against the "star wars" anti-ballistic missile program from its inception. He worked with Henry Kendall and the Union of Concerned Scientists over a period of years, and continues to work with U.C.S. in its efforts to educate Congress on issues of arms control.

"Professor Bernstein is a fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Association of Scientists. He has been awarded John Simon Guggenheim and Humboldt Senior Research Fellowships." [1]

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