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"A 1951 Harvard College graduate and U.S. Marine Corps special forces combat officer with Purple Hearts in the Korean and Vietnam Wars during which he parachuted behind the lines into Hanoi in 1954 leading a clandestine team to successfully destroy key instillations before Ho Chi Minh took over the city after the French loss at Dienbenphu. He covered Washington as a correspondent for CBS News and later The White House for United Press International. As founder of his privately owned Arundel Communications, (ArCom) based near Dulles Airport, he originated in American journalism the concept of All News broadcasting at Washington radio station WAVA in 1960. He is now the active Chairman and Publisher of 17 newspapers and Online News Operations, and has been recently inducted into the Hall of Fame of Virginia Communications. With wife Peggy, now married for 50 years, he is father of five children." [1]

According to L. Fletcher Prouty in his book The Secret Team "From 1954 through 1963, all American activity in Vietnam was dominated by the CIA. Although Lansdale and his key men, such as Charles Bohanon, Lucien Conein (the U.S. go between at the time of the Diem coup d'état, Bill Rosson, Arthur Arundel, Rufus Phillips, and others were listed in the Pentagon Papers with military rank, they were all in the employ of the CIA and were operating as CIA agents." [2]

He is married to Peggy Arundel.

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