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The Australian Tobacco Research Foundation was created by the Australian tobacco industry (mainly Andrew Whist) in June 1970 with an ex-Liberal Politician CW Bridge-Maxwell as the Administrative Secretary, four top executives from the companies (two from Rothmans) and four so-called "Scientific Members" and both a Medical and Scientific Secretary. It was given $1 million spread over 5 years, and its main function was to run faux scientific conferernces to generate publicity in favour of the industry viewpoint.

Professor Michael J Rand, Department of Pharmacology, University of Melbourne was the chief scientific lobbyist leading the group.

The Foundation consisted of four representatives and four scientists:

  • Mr. H. Widdup of W.D. & H.O. Wills (Australia) Limited
  • Mr. R. Watson of Rothmans of Pall Mall (Australia) Limited
  • Mr. J.R. Fawke of Philip Morris Limited
  • Mr. B. Cocks of Rothmans of Pall Mall (Australia) Limited

In addition there are four scientific members:

  • Professor C.R.B. Blackburn, Department of Medicine,. Sydney University.
  • Professor A.E. Doyle, Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne.
  • Professor M.J. Rand, Department of Pharmacology, University of Melbourne.
  • Professor W.J. Simmonds, Department of Physiology, University of Western Australia.

"The latter four also form the Scientific Advisory Committee. Professor Blackburn is chairman of the Foundation and the Scientific Advisory Committee."

The other officers of the Foundation are Dr. W. Zylstra, Medical Secretary; Dr. B. Fordyce, Scientific Secretary and [CW Bridge-Maxwell] as Administrative Secretary.

The Foundation has announced in July 1970 that it will make available $1 million, over the next five years, for research into "the relationship in Australia between tobacco smoking and disease in its widest context." [[1]]