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The Bariloche ETS Conference, held in December 1988 in Argentina, was yet another of the tobacco industry's closed and controlled indoor-air-quality conferences held for the specific purpose of generating news coverage and of publishing a proceedings booklet (Spanish and English) which would be used as a text-book for architectural students, medical specialists, and the like.

This was a joint program of Philip Morris and British American Tobacco, and it preceded the much larger and better-known McGill University ETS Symposium in Canada in November 1989. It was followed up at a meeting of Philip Morris and British-American Tobacco executives in Guetemala in 1990 where they jointly decided to fund the recruitment of 14 Latin American ETS Consultants.

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Bariloche Conference

The Bariloche conference was held in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentine December 6-7 1988. it was organised through the Kansas City law firm, Shook Hardy & Bacon, by Jacobo Adrian Tieffenberg (MD MPH MS) who was the President of the Asociacion de Investigacions Y Desarrollo en Salud (ACINDES) in Buenos Aires. [2] It was theoretically sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences, Bariloche, Argentina,

The list of speakers were a combination of the tobacco industry's well-established scientific and medical touts from Europe and America, with a few token Latin Americans used to sum up the procedings.


THEODOR D STERLING AND ASSOCIATES LTD PUBLICATIONS AND CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS [4] ... Architecture and Building Air Quality. Proceedings Indoor Air Quality, Conference of the Argentine December 6-7, 1988. (E.M. Sterling) 42. Report Concerning Investigations of Environmental Tobacco Smoke. [5]

1989 Jan 18 A Telex sent from TO Stettler, at the company Nobleta Piccardo in Argentina to Sharon Boyse, the Issues Manager at BAT in the UK is in replay to her query about the distribution of the Proceedings of the Bariloche Symposium

It tells her that a list of 67 organisations designated to receive the IAQ Symposium proceedings was sent to Don Hoel (Shook Hardy & Bacon lawyer) on the 20th December. They wanted ten copies in Spanish for their own use.

    "We know that the Symposium was held without difficulties. Cuttings of the local press repercussions on the event will be sent to you by mail." [6]