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Barry K. Gills, Professor of Global Politics, University of Newcastle.

"Research Interests: Globalization; Global History; Historical Dialectics; World System theory; International Political Economy; Global Civil Society and Global Citizenship; historical analysis of social systems and social change; world economic history; globalization and the politics of resistance; the political economy of development.

"Current Work: Writing a monograph entitled; The World Turned Upside Down: Andre Gunder Frank on (Under)Development and World History, Routledge, manuscript deadline April 2007, 120,000 words...

"Funding: External grant from the Globalization Research Network for the journal Globalizations of $98,000 Currently negotiating and about to sign new contract with the patel Center for Global Solutions for support of Globalizations journal of $86, 950" [1]

Selected Publications

  • Jan Oosthoek and Barry K Gills, ed. The Globalization of Environmental Crisis. London: Routledge, 2007.
  • Barry K Gills, ed. The Clash of Globalizations: 'Empire' or 'Cosmopolis'?. LOndon: Routledge, 2007.
  • Paul James and Barry K Gills, ed. Globalization and Economy, Vol 1: Global Markets and Capitalism. London: Sage, 2007.
  • Barry K. Gills, ed. 'Global Poverty' or 'Global Justice'?. London: Routledge, 2007.
  • Barry K. Gills. 'Beyond the 'War on Terror': US hegemony, Global (In)Justice, (Structural) Violence, and 'Global democratic Revolution'. Global Dialogue 2006, 8(3-4).
  • Barry K. Gills. The Global Politics of Justice. Globalizations 2006, 3(2), 95-98.

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