Baruch Tenembaum

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Baruch Tenembaum

"He is the author, together with Dr. Shalom Rosenberg, professor of philosophy at the Hebrew University at Jerusalem, of the book 'Holy Places in the Holy Land'...

"After saving his life he left his country of birth. After eight years in exile – during which he continued his untiring interfaith work (see interfaith background) – and following the fall of the military dictatorship, he renewed his visits to Argentina.

"During the years of the military dictatorship Baruch Tenembaum did not visit Argentina but continued dedicating his life to humanitarian causes. He searched for gentiles who helped Jews during the Second World War.

"Baruch Tenembaum is the father of two sons and one daughter: Dr. Shmuel Tenembaum, a lawyer, is a member of the Israeli Bar and the author of several books. Dr. Yoav Tenembaum is an historian, a graduate of both Cambridge University (UK) with a Master's Degree and Oxford University with a PhD, the author of several books, he coined the definition of the Raoul Wallenberg: “Hero Without a Grave”. Abigail Tenembaum is an MBA graduate of Columbia University, New York and is a strategy consultant. Baruch Tenembaum has six grandchildren." [1]

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