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"Beata Bishop is a writer, lecturer and psychotherapist in private practice, working along Jungian and transpersonal lines. Her special interests include the role of the spiritual dimension in all kinds of healing, and the body-mind link in sickness and health. Her book, A Time to Heal (First Stone Publishing, 2010), describes her journey from life-threatening cancer to robust health using an unorthodox nutritional therapy." [1]

How Beata Bishop beat melanoma cancer with diet and the Gerson Therapy. [2]

"Beata Bishop is a writer, lecturer and psychotherapist working along Jungian and Transpersonal lines. She enjoyed a cosmopolitan education which has left her quadrilingual. She read English and history of art, went into journalism and broadcasting, spent 11 years working for BBC World Service as a feature writer. Concurrently trained in counselling and psychotherapy and completed a three-year diploma course at the Jungian-based Centre for Psychological Astrology. Her most decisive educational experience was recovering from metastasized malignant melanoma on an alternative dietary therapy in 1983, which led her to a profound ongoing study of the psychosomatic connection in sickness and health. Her interest in the true nature of time and timelessness began at the age of 12, through a spontaneous insight into the infinity within the human psyche." [3]

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