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Beppe Robiati (Italy)

"Co-founder of EBBF, Industrialist and CEO of SCAC Italia.

"Mr. Robiati has spent his lifetime combining his business activities with a parallel educational and spiritual role which aims to bring the concepts of a new world order into business. A combination of publications and lectures delivered in a number of countries around the world has allowed him to share his ideas and expertise to business people, civil society, professors & academics, students.

"Applying his principles of ethics, of the management of human resources as a mine rich in gems, of a business model that looks at the benefit of the stakeholders and some underlying spiritual principles have allowed his entrepreneurial career to prosper whilst setting a practical example of actions meeting words.

"Working with a team of collaborators he has built an extensive curricula spanning a wide range of business issues, his pillar remaining the entire concept and definition of ethical behaviours both as a vision in a new world order and as practical instrument in the business and socio-political scenario. He Wrote a number of books including "Faith and the world Economy – a joint venture". He presents at over 50 conferences every year on subjects ranging from CSR to Economics and the new world order to Business Ethics. Enjoys a chair at the University of Bari. Currently running a master in Ethical Business at the IFOA management school in Italy." [1]

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