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Dr Bernard Cohen was a Professor of Physics, Uni of Pennsylvania, and a Advisor to ACSH (American Council on Science and Health, and American Chemical Council lobby operation run by Elizabeth Whelan and Professor Frederick Stare

Documents & Timeline

1985 Oct-Nov: Bernard Cohen was a keynote speaker at Elizabeth Whelan's American Council of Science and Health seminar "Environmental Risks: Priorities for the Eighties" (The ACSH was an American Chemical Council lobby). Cohen was then a Professor of Physics at the University of Pittsburg. He was supposedly an expert in 'risk analysis'

[He] compared major risks associated with the use of nuclear power to risks assumed daily such as flying, automobile travel, or smoking cigarettes.

    "Given a rational and supportive public policy, science and technology can provide not only for the remainder of this century, but for the twenty-first century as well, "[1]
Two seminars were held in Washington DC (Oct 16) and New York (Nov 13) both funded by the John M Olin Foundation.