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The Big Conversation was a promotional project of the British Labour Party. Billed as a way for ordinary people to 'have their say', the Big Conversation used a website to encourage browsers to 'tell us what you think is the best way for Britain'.

Although the project was derided as empty spin by some sections of the British media, it still gave birth to, a similiar sound-bite gathering exercise.

Big Conversation literature featured an address from Tony Blair:

Do you feel that politicians are only interested in your views at election times, when you want to be able to have your say on the big issues now? This survey is part of a conversation with you about the big issues for our country. In the past six years we have achieved much together to help transform our country. But there is much more to do and we can only take our country forward if we understand your priorities and concerns.
I have asked Labour MPs and representatives to lead this consultation and to feed back the concerns of each community. This will be used to help improve your local area as well as being used to shape Labour's programme at the next election.Ours is a great country, with great potential for the future, but with real challenges that still need to be tackled.With your help, I am confident we will be able to deliver a future fair for all.[1]

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