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William W. "Bill" Pascoe III of Urquhart Media, LLC is a Republican strategist. [1]


Regarding U.S. presidential election, 2008, on October 10, 2005, Dick Polman reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

"Bill Pascoe, a conservative strategist in Chicago, said Friday: 'Many conservatives believe that President [George W.] Bush gave up leadership of the movement" with the nomination of Harriet E. Miers to the Supreme Court. "They're disappointed that [by failing to pick a prominent jurist] he shied away from a fight that would have united Republicans and divided Democrats...
"'We wanted a conservative with a track record. We've heard that 'trust me' line many times before. What all this means, for 2008, is that [we] will be more determined to look for a presidential candidate with a conservative track record, somebody with the ability to deliver proven conservative governance.'"


According to his Urquhart Media bio, "William W. Pascoe, III has been a professional political and communications operative for 25 years, ever since his first job working for Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign. Since then he was worked on or managed dozens of campaigns, at all levels of government, from President, Governor, and U.S. Senator to candidates for state legislature, county board, and city council. Leading international corporations, such as Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, have sought his communications counsel. Mr. Pascoe is a former newspaper columnist and nationally syndicated political radio talk show host, acknowledged for his crisis communications skills and his insights into media management. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia, where he received his B.A. and M.A. in 1982 and 1984, respectively."


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